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Delivery Driver Throws Package Caught on Ring Camera | Doorbell Camera Video

No lie, I actually thought people would never really do this but thanks Ring doorbell camera for catching this.

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9 Responses

  1. @Patriotsoftwash

    What the heck, man? Walk your lazy a** up there and place it down. People like him won’t keep that job for long. He has no interest whatsoever in taking care of the customer. He’s more worried about that phone than anything else.

    Also, nice tank top while on the job, man. Good one!

  2. @SusannTx

    I suppose I'm incredibly naive but why do they do this? It's their job and they must know that a lot of people have cameras these days. Why don't they care?

  3. @Supernatural4us

    Hope you reported this to Amazon. I personally had an in garage delivery driver take the package after he took the picture. All on video. Unfortunaltey Amazon is employing criminals..

  4. @jimjimmyjam8242

    If your job is a delivery driver, don't be mad when you have to drive around and deliver packages. I hope this guy gets fired!

  5. @tin_tinjim694

    I can’t say what I really think about it because YouTube will remove it but use your imagination it’s not nice 😂

  6. @Geoff9001

    I'm not surprised this happened in Austin. People there are either super nice or complete assholes. Would never live in or around that city again.. even if I had a great paying career opportunity

  7. @stevebabiak6997

    Amazon’s not-so-prime service for you.

  8. @omegasupremez2832

    😂Do better!!!! Rickey Bobby

  9. @sacshellpolk1168

    I get packages delivered all the time, but he may have had a bad day. let him slide on this one.

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