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Delivery Driver Throws Package Caught On Ring Camera | Doorbell Camera Video

I reached my breaking point with delivery company! This is what kept you waiting Nancy.

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16 Responses

  1. @Dawgmeet1

    he is just a lazy piece of crap….do your dang job or leave…I would call and show them the video and have them pay to replace your product….so tired of these lazy people.

  2. @Jayizzo007

    Go and buy it at the store yourself. No more crushed cans…problem solved

  3. @Mackdez

    Well it's so obvious what he shouldn't and could have would have done. Like say I'm sorry it won't happen again!? And if it's so heavy don't put it up on your shoulder! I know the dollies are hand carts that they provide have problems going over the gravel and stuff " but you can buy a better one" that will roll over those obstacles watch easier than the one they provide.

    And PS if they say you can't use it use it anyway to make your job easier.

  4. Unforgivable! This Fed-Ex employee should be fired! If you can't perform the duties in your job description for whatever reason, then find another job.

  5. @C.Rig21

    Omg it's a bag of dog food. I throw mine in the garage myself. Take some Xanax.

  6. Fire this lazy s.o.b.

  7. @Jeep733

    If you have back problems that are that bad then maybe you should not be working for FedEx. I don’t blame this lady for confronting him. I caught one of there drivers on my camera’s tossing a package on my front porch the other day. I am glad it was just canned dog food from Chewy and nothing breakable.

  8. @owenphil

    Relax, it’s FedEx… 😹😹😹

  9. @bforman1300

    He could have set it on the bench, or even the trash can lid if his back hurt too much to bend over. Been dealing with back pain for decades and his excuse is BS.

  10. @MrRedPajamas

    "It hurts when I bend over like this." Proceeds to bend over without showing any signs of pain. 🙂

  11. FEDEX Sucks!

  12. He could have used a dolly/hand truck

  13. If you can't handle the weight of the packages , maybe you should look for a desk job.

  14. I did it? Hell yeah you did it!😂 FedEx has several different types of delivery service. The independent delivery service is absolutely trash. Everyone that works for them is trash and they should discontinue that department. Nobody deserves to have their paid for items slammed on their porch.

  15. @Dee2D

    😠insane!!! I throw your💩on the ground because your orders are too heavy.😫get a dolly you weak🤬🤬🤬

  16. @gdg1963

    Deliverer gave a lame excuse.

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