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This Poor Sweet Man | Doorbell Camera Video

Dog just wanted to say hi.

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24 Responses

  1. OMG. WHAT a wonderful man. Did not miss a beat in his happy life. Didnt get upset in the least. I wish I could be more like him.

  2. He's laughing but he's thinking "the f@ck?!" 😧

  3. @jeng8401

    Friend or Foe, Friend ok, hi Mom!

  4. @bobs4115

    Legitimate cool dude. Respect.

  5. The control of an older man is unprecedented

  6. I had an owner forget that there was a doggie door at the back of the house. The shepherd suddenly came running at me barking and growling with his fur standing up on his neck while I was talking to his owner and bit me on the thigh. When I yelled that he bit me all she did was grab his collar and pull him back inside. Absolutely no apology. It was a job that I was doing and was not sorry to never go back. ☹️😑😑

  7. Lady: ' I'm so sorry'

    – then you go and upload this embarrassment

  8. Was that Fred Sanford??

  9. Dog should not have been running loose.

  10. What a great guy with such a kind spirit

  11. ………..you're welcome.

  12. How a grown man can be such a wus is just beyond me!

  13. I have a weapon ready. I don't like stupid dog owners

  14. Not cool pet owner!!!! 😾😾😾

  15. @paulhill1379


  16. @leth2753

    Poor man…he doesn't walk too well, so he really can't run if a dog really goes after him. Dog immediately knew he wasn't a threat.

    This pet owner is so irresponsible….so so irresponsible…and the man was really worried (and as someone who takes care of German Shepherds, he had good reason to be).

  17. All delivery persons and maintenance techs should wear a powerful pepper spray at the ready on their routes.

  18. @yeahno8294

    I don't get it lol what was so dear and sweet I'm lost? Are y'all saying that because he was scared of the dog that literally paid him no mind at all lmao why is that so dear and sweet seems more like stupid and redicules to me but most of what you morons do is that to me already.

  19. Someone get him a hip replacement 😒

  20. the way he walked away chuckling down the curving walkway was like a nicely framed scene in a movie

  21. @shooshoo9366

    And he walks off giggling😊

  22. @loveganjaa

    We must protecc this man at all costs.

  23. @ToeTag1968

    GSDs are about the most empathetic, smart breeds out there. They have an uncanny way of assessing a situation and feeling out people's feelings.

  24. @sblijheid

    He's clearly not used to dogs. The dog was wagging his tail. That means they see you as a friendly being and won't attack.

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